Protecting animals from abuse

Akfa Group
2 november, 2020
Protecting animals from abuse

The problem of protecting "Our smaller friends" living next to a person from cruelty is close to many millions of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The human need for communication with other living beings is natural. The humane maintenance of domestic animals is of great educational value, and, on the contrary, the senseless deprivation of animals, cruel treatment of them, traumatizes the human psyche. Cruelty to animals poses a threat to public morality.

The AKFA group of companies fully supports the main mission of animal protection organizations in Uzbekistan and considers numerous facts of cruelty to animals unacceptable, speaking against any violence. We support the principles of humane treatment of pets.

We decided to start building a shelter for animals, where they can feel protected and receive timely qualified assistance. Each of them was born to be loved.

Together we can fix the situation. Take a look around. Tell yourself: "I am human! I will help!"

If you witness cruelty to animals, provide information support to the appropriate authorities, or provide any assistance you can. Indeed, "Our smaller friends” will not be able to help themselves.

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