Akfa Group
24 october, 2020

Sharing best practices

The AKFA Group has launched the experience exchange program "The brands are visiting".

Today, as never before, the question of the effective use of solutions and practices used by major market players are becoming relevant. Regarding this, the company has launched the experience exchange program "The brands are visiting" since September.


The main goal of this program was the exchange of best practices between the leading companies in the region. All events are held locally, as this is the format that is the most successful and productive in contrast to traditional conferences. It is not for nothing that folk wisdom says: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times."


Among the first companies to participate in our program was the carpet and rug business, SAG. Today, in terms of production capacity, SAG is the largest enterprise in Central Asia and the CIS countries.

As part of the current program, excursions of company employees to each other are held, where the experience of using modern technologies at production facilities is studied on the spot. Moreover, various thematic master classes are held.


During the visit, SAG employees got acquainted in detail with the activities of the AKFA Group. In particular, our plants BENKAM and AKFA Plast, which are located in the Karmaninsky district of the Navoi region, were presented at the meeting. The speakers spoke in detail about the technological capacities of the factories, their equipment, and their products.


If you are interested in learning the experience of our company or are ready to host guests yourself, contact us, and we will be happy to organize joint events with you.

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