“How to conquer markets while working in a large company” - AKFA Group shared its experience with students

Akfa Group
31 november, 2021
AKFA Group continues a session of lectures with the participation of the company's experts for university students. The next meeting with company's specialists took place on November 15 at the Westminster International University in Tashkent. The head of the marketing department Ilkhom Abiyev spoke about how to develop strategies for entering a new product and what role marketing plays in business nowdays.

-Our team sets goals that no one has ever achieved before,- said the head of the marketing department Ilkhom Abiyev,- We are sure that everyone determines their own ceiling. In fact, there are no unattainable goals, there is a framework with which we limit ourselves. The mission of our company is to set new standards and trends. If we do something, we try to be the first and the best at it.

As an example, the speaker cited the recently opened Visitor Center - the largest showroom in Central Asia, created by a manufacturing company.


The final stage of the lecture was held in an interactive format, where students asked their questions. On the company's case studies, the speaker talked about how modern marketing tools work, mentioned important tendencies and trends. On the main question, how to conquer markets, the expert noted the importance of assessing the competitive environment and the willingness to focus attention and efforts on retaining and growing the client base.