IT Developer

icon FULL TIME WORK IT-Developer
  • Higher industry-specific education
  • Knowledge of the Uzbek and Russian languages.
  • Work experience: at least 3 years of experience in IT with network technologies
  • Required knowledge and practical experience with HPE routing, Juniper, Cisco, switching, data center solutions, at the CCNA/CCNP level or at a similar level of other manufacturers
  • Knowledge of technologies and work experience in protecting data transmission networks of vendors: Hpe, Juniper, Fiewalls, Ipsec

Introducing an information system, developing and using an information system. Combining user needs and the information system capabilities Ensuring the smooth functioning of the system and taking prompt measures to eliminate malfunctions that arise during the operation

Working conditions
  • Working on the employer’s premises
  • Timely paid, respectable wages
  • Schedule: 6-day-long work week
  • Set meal at the company’s expense
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