Research & development

  • Research & development Product improvement

    With high production and human potential, our Company follows its main course aimed at improving its products by introducing advanced production technologies. One of the achievements of our Company is the development in the field of production of translucent structures.

  • Research & development Strategic decisions

    The R&D department develops strategic solutions aimed at further comprehensive development of the Company, finds promising solutions, modernizes, and optimizes existing production. Employees of the R&D Department sometimes have to solve non-standard tasks for our industry and master new areas of knowledge.

  • Research & development Department structure

    In turn, the R&D Department consists of several departments: The business and marketing department researches trends in the market, and also promotes new types of popular products. The engineering department deals with modernization and implementation of innovative solutions to reduce risk factors. The new product development department performs the functions of design and development, as well as modernization and improvement of existing products.