Quattro 5800


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02 Specifications

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    Number of chambers:
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    Mounting frame depth:
    58 mm
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    Min./Max. Glass unit thickness:
    6 / 20 mm
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    Reinforcing profile thickness:
    1,2 mm
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    Maximum sash weight
    (Window/ Door): 60 kg / 100 kg
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    Maximum sash size:
    Window: 1850mm х 800 mm
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    Maximum sash size:
    Door: 2000mm х 800mm

03 outdoor design

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    EXTERIOR Attractive design

    Plastic windows best meet the climatic requirements of Uzbekistan and are suitable for glazing residential buildings, office premises and industrial buildings.

  • INTERIOR Energy saving profiles

    The system is especially relevant in rooms with a temperature control system, because makes it possible to save on heating and air conditioning of the room.


01 Quattro 5800


QUATTRO 5800 has a wide four-chamber frame frame and ensures durability and reliability of window and door structures. This series consists of 13 types of profiles and makes it possible to produce a variety of structural solutions. QUATTRO 5800 is ideal for passively heated homes.


02 Quattro 6000


The installation depth of the four-chamber system 6000 QUATTRO is 60 mm. This is an excellent option for rooms with increased requirements for sound and heat insulation. The series includes 12 types of profiles, and allows you to implement all kinds of design ideas in the interior. For example, the 6000 QUATTRO system can be used for an interior partition without a glass unit, with a single glass 4 mm thick.


03 Trio 5800


The classic three-chamber profile TRIO 5800 is the golden mean among the assortment of AKFA plastic profiles. It has the standard indicators of energy saving and thermal insulation. This system has high operational properties, therefore it has managed to establish itself not only in Uzbekistan, but also beyond its borders


Maximum sash size

Application of windows up to 1850mm x 800mm

System door solution up to 2000mm x 800mm

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01 Roto LUX NM

Perfectly matches your style

Roto window handles are tested in 15,000 tilt and turn cycles, which corresponds to approximately 10 years of operation based on four opening and closing times plus four swinging and closing cycles

02 Medos

Reliability and practicality

The main function of the hinges is to provide convenience when closing and opening the sashes. In addition, the hinges are designed to evenly distribute the load, thereby maintaining the geometry of the structure.

03 Medos

Quality proven over the years

The basis of the new locking system is the octagonal eccentric fungus. It interacts with both conventional and anti-burglary hooks, at the same time allowing you to easily adjust the sash to the frame.


Window and door solutions

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