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  • AKFA Innovation Marquises

    Awnings are fabric awnings for terraces, the main purpose of which is to protect from the sun and rain. This design plays a significant role in the decoration of building facades. In hot sunny weather, awnings are the best solution for protection from the scorching sun rays.

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  • AKFA Innovation Guillotine Systems

    Guillotine glazing from AKFA Innovation is the optimal solution for terraces and verandas of bars, restaurants and hotels. Vertically rising windows will protect guests from strong winds, scorching sun, rain and dust, as well as help to ensure the safety of guests and the safety of property.

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  • AKFA Innovation Pergolas

    The pergola system is an aluminum canopy that provides shade to the area and forms an original element of landscape design. This system is used in the construction of terraces, summer areas in cafes, gazebos in private houses. Pergolas allow you to delimit the area, thereby dividing it into several locations.

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    Terraces are widely used in children's, sanatorium institutions, hospitals. Terraces can also mean a semi-open or glazed gallery in the form of a gazebo in the garden

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  • CONVENIENCE SOLUTIONS French balconies

    French balconies, accompanied by glass railings, are the perfect solution for modern balconies.

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  • CONVENIENCE SOLUTIONS Sun protection systems

    Properly selected sun protection systems reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning in summer.

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    The spider system is a fundamentally new method of glazing building facades, which is increasingly used in the modern world.

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    Glass railings are structures produced by AKFA, which serve to enclose a space, zoning a territory or a protective function.

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