icon FULL TIME WORK Accountant
  • Knowledge of forms and methods of accounting at an enterprise, plans and correspondence of accounts
  • Skills of working with the “Bank-Client” System (is welcome)
  • Knowledge of 1C, MS Office
  • Flexibility
  • Learning ability
  • Work experience is of no importance
  • Organization of accounting of the economic and financial activities of the enterprise
  • Reception, control and processing of primary documentation
  • Making entries of transactions related to the sale of products to accounts
  • Preparation of data for reporting
  • Formation, maintenance and storage of a database of accounting information, making changes to reference and regulatory information used in data processing.
Working conditions
  • Working on the employer’s premises
  • Timely paid, respectable wages
  • Schedule: 5-day-long working week
  • Activity-specific training
  • Set meal at the company’s expense and employee benefits
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